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AV LINK Showcases 8K Products and SDVoE's AV-over-IP Solutions at ISE 2022 and InfoComm 2022

AV LINK will exhibit its MaitreView 8KPro, HS-1614W (8K/60Hz HDMI Distribution Amplifier), HRM-1641W (8K/60Hz HDMI Switcher), MaitreView 4KPro, MaitreView 4KLite, the IPS series (4K/60Hz AV over IP) powered by SDVoE and certified by NETGEAR, and HDM-3EXCU, UltraHD4K /KVM (HDBaseT 3.0) and USB 2.0 Extender-100M(PoC), at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 (May 10 -13) and InfoComm 2022 (June 4 -10) events.

MaitreView 8KPro is definitely an 8K HDMI multi-window video processor. Professionals and decision makers could make probably the most of the visual space to accelerate making decisions and zero-latency switching displays real-time information from multiple sources. Drag & Drop deploys information from 4 inputs in almost any size and position to display on 2 outputs. HS-1614W, an 8K/60Hz HDMI distribution amplifier, will come in sizes as much as 4 outputs, and HRM-1641W, an 8K/60Hz HDMI switcher, supports up to 4 inputs.

AV LINK's 8K Product Family

MaitreView 4KPro and MaitreView 4KLite deliver superior performance through Xilinx Kintex UltraScale family FPGA devices and contribute to customers when helping collaborative meetings and enhancing productivity – achieving digital transformation. Both of them support uncompressed 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 and seamless switching. Besides, independently display different videos on 2 screens to satisfy the flexibility in most conferencing and collaborative scenarios.

\”With MaitreViewTM 4KPro, we can have 5 different videos and files displayed simultaneously. We can also jump back and forth and set layers on top. The system saves 50% of times in contrast to before,\” said Benson Hsu, gm of Dong Hua Building Materials.

IPS devices (4K/60Hz AV over IP) run by SDVoE and certified by NETGEAR provide one of the most advanced IP Streaming solutions on the market. IPS devices support 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 and zero latency for mission-critical applications like hospitality, industry, transportation, entertainment venues, esports, retail, house of worship, education, and healthcare, for starters.

The team of Matrix Intertrade, the technical representative of Thailand-based serviced apartment Yu Residence Sriracha, said, \”AV LINK's APIs allow us to integrate IPS devices using the existing environmental control system and transport the recording to multiple meeting rooms and event spaces. AV LINK allows us to achieve more and at a lower cost, and also the after-sales services are immediate and incredible.\”

HDM-3EXCU, UltraHD4K /KVM (HDBaseT 3.0) & USB 2.0 Extender, extends 8K and uncompressed 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 signals up to 100m. A nearby loop helps the staff in the control room to watch real-time streaming video and audio remotely, not waste time by avoiding likely to and back from the on-site venue. AV LINK's excellent technical capability accomplishes a compact size design (107.2-by-69-by-20mm /4.2-by-2.7-by-0.8in) for easy installations.

Visit AV LINK's official website at www.avlinksystem.com for additional products or booth to make an appointment in the shows (Booth 5K105 at ISE and Booth W1547 at InfoComm).

AV LINK is going to be at Booth 5K105 at ISE 2022 and at Booth W1547 at InfoComm 2022.

  • About the Booth Viewing Steps:

  1. Please register to attend ISE and InfoComm as AV LINK's guests free of charge at iseurope.org (invitation code: KS0XALDH)

  2. Move to http://infocomm22.nvytes.co/ic22/inv/CCT840.html, and using the invitation code: CCT840.