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Bosch launches PRAESENSA system International Security Journal

Bosch has announced the launch of PRAESENSA, the latest Public Address and Voice Alarm system that's IP-connected and fully-featured. All components of the system are networked, thereby ensuring the greatest flexibility and scalability from small centralised to large decentralised systems.

The innovative multi-channel amplifier architecture with intelligent power allocation over the amplifier outputs and integrated spare channel significantly improves the effective utilisation of accessible power, whatever the loudspeaker load in each zone. Consequently, fewer amplifiers are essential, saving up to 50% on space, energy and backup battery power and resulting in a really competitive price of ownership.

PRAESENSA offers the highest degree of data security and full network link redundancy with smart integration of functions and backup facilities. Not one point of failure is core to the system concept and only a few different products are required to fulfill all system and user needs.

The intuitive interface from the call station provides an optimised user experience through an effective mixture of touchscreen and selection buttons. Clear progress guidance and standing feedback ensure ease and comfort of use for operators.

PRAESENSA is a comprehensive system that is compliant to the evacuation standard EN 54-16 and adapts easily to changing needs. It offers full sound control per zone to produce the best atmosphere with music and also to meet speech intelligibility requirements for business and emergency operations, making it a fit-for-purpose solution for consultants, installers and building owners alike.

Being a dependable partner using more than 90 years of experience in public places Address Systems, Bosch introduced the first networked digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System 15 years ago and continues to develop innovative technology and solutions.