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Data in the centre of Smart Cities International Security Journal

Jermaine Campbell

Understanding the need for your data

As more data is stored in the edge, it is harder for enterprises to get a complete look at their data and understand its value. For instance, a manufacturer may have a number of different embedded devices inside a smart factory, each producing various kinds of data. This data might be put to use, assisting to identify efficiencies in the production process or flagging faults instantly. The challenge is in preventing that data from becoming siloed.

There is additional complexity too in that various kinds of data have different value to the business. As the Gartner report “How to beat Four Major Challenges in Edge Computing” notes: “On average, a byte of information at the edge have a lower value than the usual typical byte of data in the current data centres. It is because a lot of information is noise, requiring pre-filtering or basic analysis. Against this backdrop it's clear more must be completed to help businesses analyse this data at the edge and move it securely and safely around the network to where it is most needed.”

Enterprise networks become increasingly dispersed and complex, it will become tougher to know what data is important. Storing and managing data in the edge will become an essential way for enterprises to manage their data growth now and in in the future, but that comes with its very own set of challenges. Now is the critical time: many companies are at the beginning or early stages of the journey and considering data management, security and cost at this time will make the process of managing data from edge to core much easier over time.

On exactly the same note, more than ever before, cities will need to come together to integrate their technologies and eventually make their networks smarter using all available data in real time, challenging that will require broad cooperation across its systems. Smart, agile and effective storage solution is the building blocks for this strategy, ensuring timely data access and availability from edge to cloud.

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This article was published in the July 2020 edition of International Security Journal. Pick up your FREE digital copy on the link here