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DC-DC Voltage Regulation: Complete Solution Targeting PoL Market

The need for high performance during the CPU VR (voltage regulator) world have been with us for a few years now, but increasingly the PoL industry is now under time limits to meet stricter requirements.

No longer could be the mighty CPU the one power hungry silicon for the board. Today’s ASICs are attracting an excessive amount of 100 W and tend to be requiring sophisticated features for example dynamic voltage changes/ AVS, margining, autonomous phase shedding, telemetry, PMBus compatibility, tight output voltage accuracy under demanding transient conditions, as well as efficiency under light loads. Once simply the an entire world of the CPU, the ASIC is moving center stage in demanding a very high performance VR.

Integrating the IR product portfolio, Infineon offers numerous end to end solutions. For single phase fully integrated packages (controller/driver/MOSFETs) you will discover ten parts available covering anything from the three A IR3823, to your 35 A IR3846. The SupIR product continues with dual output 4 A + 4 A and 6 A + 6 An entirely integrated solutions.

As a direct result a completely new thermally enhanced package using copper clip and lots of proprietary innovations from the controller, the SupIRBuck family can operate as many as 35 A without having a heatsink, and reduces PCB size by 20 % when compared with alternative integrated solutions and 70 percent compared to discrete solutions utilizing a controller and power MOSFETs. An entire 25 An energy supply solution could be implemented in as little as 168 mm2 as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Reference Board SupIRBuck 25 A solution

The devices integrate a feature-rich, third generation SupIRBuck controller that also includes post-package precision dead-time trimming to optimize losses, and internal smart LDO to optimize efficiency round the entire load range combined with the power MOSFETs. True differential remote sense essential for high current applications, 0.Five percent reference voltage accuracy in 25