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DISPLIX E Series LEDs for Full Color Indoor Video Wall

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with all the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is currently stocking the DISPLIX E Series LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. These multichip RGB LEDs combine a really compact footprint with outstanding performance for large, full-color indoor displays and video walls. The all-black package consists of better contrast and enhances the overall image quality.

The DISPLIX E Series LEDs each consist of three chips with all the following wavelengths: a red chip (623 nm), an eco friendly chip (539 nm), and a blue chip (471 nm). They all have an SMT package with special resin encapsulation. The LEDs include 120-degree viewing angle and therefore are manufactured with all the latest chip technology. These LEDS achieve top brightness inside video wall market with typical values of 58 mcd at 10 mA for red, 85 mcd at 5 mA for green, and 17 mcd at 5 mA for blue.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ DISPLIX E0808 and E1010 combine a smaller footprint with outstanding performance. The consumer LEDs may be used very close to another (generally known as “fine pitch”), that provides for superb resolution. The DISPLIX E0808 LEDs are set with a pitch 1.0 one.2 mm and the DISPLIX E1010 which has a pitch 1.2 to two.0 mm. Because of this small pitch, the packaging density in the LED can be so great, thereby allowing these LEDs for being acceptable for full HD resolution displays with diagonals around 100 inches and even more. The fine-pitch design also enables high color mixing with minimal pixel gaps.

With its black package design, the DISPLIX E Series LEDs provide optimal picture even just in situations with higher levels of ambient light. As an example, in rooms where there are large regions of window glass letting in an abundance of sun rays, the DISPLIX E0808 and E1010 deliver high luminance and ideal contrast due to its black package which reflects a reduced amount of the ambient light. It feels right crisp, bright, impressive, a much higher resolution indoor video displays.

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