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Electronica Munich portrayed auto-centric LED demos

The massive Electronica trade fair ran Nov. 13 -16 in Munich, Germany while using the exhibits spanning seventeen halls in the Munich Fair. The majority of a person’s eye was focused on the typical semiconductor industry, although Electronica also hosted an LED Trends forum and also a range of companies exhibited LED-centric products and technologies. Osram, Maxim, Infineon, Everlight Electronics, Inova Semiconductors, and Instrument Systems were notable exhibitors which includes a solid-state lighting (SSL) angle as well as at their most effective application area evident from the exhibits was automotive lighting.

Osram Opto Semiconductors

Osram Opto Semiconductors had maybe there most-diverse and largest group of LED-centric demonstrations at Electronica, of course it absolutely was a hometown event to the Munich-based company. Demonstrations spanned baseline LED technology and new chip-scale package (CSP) LEDs to horticultural and human-centric lighting to your aforementioned automotive sector.

LED drivers

Moving to SSL system design, both Infineon and Maxim demonstrated new LED driver IC technology at Electronica. And both cases, the ICs were intended for automotive SSL applications.

Infineon announced the Litix Basic+ family with six separate devices that support one to three LED channels or strings. The ICs specified using an concentrate on reliability. LEDs connected in series could lead to complete system failure should one component fail within an open-circuit state. And perhaps short-circuit failures could be challenges tor reliable operation.

Maxim, meanwhile, introduced a driver IC ideal for matrix-style headlamps with adaptive drive beam (ADB) technology. Matrix headlamps arrived to this marketplace in high-end Audi vehicles in 2019 and?have subsequently been adopted in numerous vehicles including in The usa after initial regulatory delays.

LEDs and modules

LED manufacturer Everlight Electronics also demonstrated some matrix products at Electronica. The organization has continued to develop an ADB reference design available as a module that uses LEDs manufactured by Everlight. That module design was undertaken in partnership with some automotive OEMs.

Everlight further demonstrated a Mini Rear Lamp design along with a Smart Multi Array Rear Lamp design. The reference designs will support the development of brake lights, turn indicators, together with other rear lamps. The modules also have innovative optics that could improve visibility and uniformity.

Goniophotometer and spectroradiometers

Instrument Systems, another hometown Munich company, used Electronica to debut its latest goniophotometer, LGS 650. In addition to a spectroradiometer much like the CAS 140CT-HR, the LGS 650 enables accurate measurement of color coordinates, color rendering, color temperature, and magnitude regarding source output, all in accordance with angle. Instrument Systems said the modern system delivers a relatively low-cost choice for characterizing sources nearly 1300 mm in diameter.