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Enhanced Protection & Security measures for High-Rel Power Supplies

Communications satellite orbiting Earth with sunrise in space

Requirements of High-Reliability Power Systems

In the best world, a high-reliability system really should be created to avoid anchorman failures and offer a means of isolating faults in a manner that operation may continue perhaps at the reduced performance level. It will also be able to contain faults in order to avoid propagation to downstream or upstream electronics.

Built-in redundancy, in both the shape of parallel circuits that share the burden actively or that stand it a standby until failing occurs, is an solution. Every time, fault detection and management requires additional overhead circuitry resulting in the complexity and cost. Some systems also create dissimilar parallel circuits to increase diversity and avoid the potential risk of a regular failure mechanism; it is the case for some aircraft flight control systems.

Increasing system complexity places a better burden around the power source performance so expensive conversion efficiency and good thermal management are critical concerning every 10