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Headlight Bulb Cross Reference

Have you ever researched a bulb number for that HID or LED headlight conversion install you were doing and also the bulb size didn't match any kind numbers? Here is a list of the most typical bulb bases that you'll need to cross reference.

9003 is the same as H4

HB2 is the same as H4

HB1 is equivalent to 9004

HB3 is equivalent to 9005

HB4 is equivalent to 9006

HB5 is equivalent to 9007

9008 is equivalent to H13

9145, 9140 is the same as H10

800, 891, 889 series bulbs are the same as 880

9012 is the same as 9006

H16 is equivalent to 5202

H8 and H9 is the same as H11