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ISJ Exclusive: Protecting the web International Security Journal

DigiCert CEO, John Merrill

What makes DigiCert unique from the competitors?

DigiCert may be the world leader for TLS/SSL and PKI solutions for websites and the IoT once we are the initial choice for companies who are seriously interested in security and looking for authentication, encryption and data/system integrity. Over the past year we've invested heavily within our technology, people and processes to modernise and scale our offerings in ways unmatched by competitors and not seen in our industry up to now. With that and our global teams and operations, we could offer world-leading, modern technology combined with localised customer care and focus from your regional teams. This helps to ensure that we lead in areas of industry standards and solutions for our people to simplify their important work, from deploying and managing TLS/SSL and other digital certificates and PKI infrastructure, to developing a lot of tomorrow's solutions through our R&D initiative, DigiCert Labs. A few of the areas we're researching include strengthening the safety of blockchain and sovereign identities, machine learning and strengthening IoT security.

What does the future roadmap for DigiCert seem like?

We will continue to develop new solutions that address the important thing challenges of companies across identity vetting, authentication, encryption and data integrity. Including driving automation in digital certificate management and deployment of solutions, and partnering with leading companies to bolster our offerings. We're also addressing emerging markets to enhance how we protect critical data on the internet and the way we ensure people know who they really are interacting with (high-assurance such as EV certificates on the web, or perhaps in the situation from the IoT, device authentication).