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Keen: Google's Secretly Launched AI-Powered Pinterest Application

Recently, Google features a credit card applicatoin software that goes through the name Keen. The application resembles similar to Pinterest. Although the application was built as a part of the experiment, co-founder of the application, CJ Adams has mentioned that Keen is made for people who scroll through media mindlessly.

In your blog, Adams also mentioned that the algorithm of Keen creates a person's interest. By extracting information on exactly what the person really wants to spend some time, the algorithm filters looking and produces content according to anyone's desire. When a user is on Keen, it shows, “What Are You Keen On?”. Find out more on Keen below!

Keen: Overview

In Keen, you are able to go for any topic that you like. For instance, baking a cake, cooking recipes, researching birds, calligraphy, or anything, after which Keen presents the related contents. Additionally, it provides you with the choice so that you can share it with your friends and family. All you'd need to do is save it like a bookmark.

Meanwhile, the launch of Keen came from an experimental group of people from an interior incubator. This team is also known as Area 120 team who're noted for producing many applications each year as part of the experimental process.

Among those, one is Keen which shares similar features like Pinterest that makes it a rival AI-powered application for now. Concerning that, the applying is available on the web and can be downloaded and set up in Android smartphones.

Despite having similar protocols and algorithms on Pinterest, Keen differs. And, what makes it different- its machine learning ability. It helps in producing content based on what users are searching for. And through that search, more refined suggestions in other words beneficial contents appear.

How to gain access to Keen?

In to access Keen, the first thing you need to do is open a web browser after which go to the official page Or, you may also get its application from the Android App Store, “Google Play”.

When you put in the application on your smartphone, you'd be asked to produce a profile or perhaps an take into account yourself with the help of your Google Account credentials. Once you've completed the details, you are now ready to explore.

At this time, you'd be asked to place a keyword or two keywords or perhaps a phrase. It may be anything, anything you want to discover more about. And, then hit the “Create” button. Now, the desired keyword goes through exactly what can be obtained on the web and present the outcomes to you.

Additionally, you may also share your Keen list with the family and friends and enable these to join. Or, if you don't like that which you created, you could go back, delete them making a new one. Whenever you create a Keen, you've got the choice to enter a text or perhaps a link or even a section.

If you're browsing the website utilizing a internet browser and suddenly want to make a change to the app, then you can also do this. Otherwise, you can remain on the web page and continue to create more keens.

The Official Google Post Says…

According towards the official announcement, major authorities like CJ Adams explained that one might not be a specialist in researching certain topics. However, using Keen, one can discover some great and resourceful links of knowledge associated with the subject. Over the course of time, through every bit of content, the search for the topic gets more refined for more discovery.

Google Made the official post where it can be concluded that Keen's experimentation left two people sharing their details about what they like and what they want to find. The post further explains that using Keen, one can explore other great ideas associated with the topic and curate more contents associated with it. And every one of you could do with the help of Machine Learning and Search.

In other words, Keen is really a proactive application that becomes better in proving useful leads to what might interest the user in line with the previous search. The state announcement also explains that in Keen, you'd be in a position to add images, links, texts, and web searches.

This way, the optimizing algorithm begins to work on stuff that are added and all the other things that may be associated with it.

Keen: Rise in Web Traffic

It can be simply asserted Keen is a reason for website traffic to grow and be more popular with time. However, the recommendation to use a web platform or an application is a lot more powerful, when it comes from friends. That said, Keen is actively taking part in the net ecosystem and helping the content.

Keen may be the next stage source to increase traffic. Since it can suggest the ideas to users after doing an energetic search. Meanwhile, every other internet search engine will wait for a user to inquire about them what they want to know. But, Keen is always active and suggests ideas related to the subject. Hence, it becomes a great competitor for Pinterest.

Concerning that, the use of Keen can be helpful to a lot of companies and techniques. For example, business firms, IT, or Internet marketing agencies. Professionals like Search Marketers, Web Publishers, or Web Bloggers can optimize the use of Keen under marketing or business strategies.

Your Search Ends Here!!!

So, if you've been searching for a medium to find out topics instantly, this is Keen. Give it a try as it is available on Google Play. Or, you can just surf its web page using a web browser. By the end of your day, you'll have a couple of links, resources, and ideas at the front individuals. So, give it a try today!