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Light + Building Autumn Edition: Prospects for future years

The lighting and building services engineering sections make cross-trade exchange possible and provide a distinctive, international product range. Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Petra Welzel

New impulses, personal exchange and innovative solutions: The longing for the industry meeting spot for lighting and building technology services is excellent, and also the date of the Light + Building Autumn Edition is approaching. From 2 to 6 October 2022, the time has finally come again, when the leading international trade fair will be held as a exclusive edition. The successful start of many international trade shows, for example Prolight + Sound in April and IFFA in May 2022, is fuelling the anticipation.

The restart of the industry comes at any given time that\’s more than ever before characterised by uncertainty and crises. However, the intensified climate debate, questions about alternative energy sources and mobility concepts will also be providing the industry by having an environment in which its forward-looking solutions are more sought after than ever before. The sunshine + Building Autumn Edition provides the chance to discover new products and trends and to position oneself optimally for the demands from the times. Six questions for Johannes M\”oller, Head of Brand Management Light + Building. Excerpts:

Johannes M\”oller, Director Brand Management Light + Building.

How would you currently go through the Frankfurt exhibition venue?

IFFA recently ended on our grounds. It exceeded all expectations: both exhibitors and visitors were more than satisfied. For six days, the companies benefited from the high quality of visitors. In the end, those who were on-site made a conscious decision to visit and extremely were built with a need to do so. The situation was similar around the industry side: People who wanted to present their innovation to the market and drive the company forward were on-site. Because topics cannot wait. The latest developments are simply best discussed and solutions presented in a personal exchange. It inspires me for Light + Building once the exhibition centre is stuffed with life again and so much positive energy flows through the halls.

Times of crisis also open opportunities: how has Light + Building made use of time and what changes make the event restart?

We have learned a great deal previously months. Obviously, digitalisation has also accelerated our business. But many conversations with exhibitors and associations show the core in our business, the personal encounter, endures. We\’ve learned how to complement it in a meaningful way. Now we\’re looking ahead and doing everything we can to construct the best possible bridge in autumn so that we can welcome all market players to Frankfurt around the usual date in 2024. We support the reunion in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre from 2 to six October 2022 using the Light + Building Digital Extension. Digital platform offers the chance to find the correct partners and obtain in contact with them in advance. It will likely be offered by 2 to 14 October 2022, thus extending the international exchange and knowledge opportunities even beyond the trade fair period.

Light + Building in autumn is held as the Autumn Edition. How does it vary from the leading international trade fair in March?

It is really a special edition. Because of the pandemic, we had to find an alternate date for the originally planned event in March. Following the long break, the industry managed to get clear to all of us that there still has to be a business meeting place for personal exchange in 2022. This season, the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds have been in great demand. We have examined all options and could realise the shortened date at the outset of October. For exhibitors in the building sector, this is a very good alternative, as the autumn date is less suited to the innovation cycles from the lighting sector. We\’re well aware of this. That’s why we are all the greater pleased that so many lighting companies – especially from abroad – are uniting for the leading fair and taking advantage of the date on their own.
Another factor is the pandemic in China. Even though this is, fortunately, calming down in Germany and Europe, China is unfortunately still struggling with it. That\’s the reason we have to do with no participation of many Asian exhibitors at the moment. In this way, the compact special edition cannot be in contrast to the standard Light + Building. But we are currently receiving new enquiries from companies every day who want to be a part of autumn. In this way, we are very optimistic and therefore are doing everything we can to ensure that it will be a high-quality event for all sides.

What will the special edition look like and just what can exhibitors and visitors expect?

At as soon as, we\’re expecting around 1,300 exhibitors from 46 countries. You will find manufacturers all areas of lighting, home and building technology as well as networked security technology so that all trades promote themselves at the Light + Building Autumn Edition combined trade fair and an overlapping exchange is possible. The Building sector is very strongly positioned in the West area. Particularly against the background from the digitalisation and electrification essential to achieve climate targets, the importance of this sector keeps growing. All of the key players are here. Within the lighting sector, one or two large companies are missing, but foreign companies, particularly, take advantage of the opportunity to present themselves. Thus, lighting is very internationally positioned and still the bigger of the two sectors. Over 60 percent from the exhibitors belong to the lighting sector. This shows us how much companies need the exhibition venue to create coverage on their own. On their behalf, it’s an excellent opportunity to position themselves perfectly and produce a totally new degree of attention.

Does the special edition also differ in terms of hall layout? What\’s going to be located where?

Due to the bundling of all technical trades, building automation plays a huge role. It\’s represented in Halls 9, 11 and 12. Additionally, visitors will discover energy-efficient building system solutions, electrical installations, electrical installation and network technology and electrical engineering in these halls. The very first time, Light + Building will also occupy Hall 8 using the Intersec Building section. In this manner, we\’re bundling the range of products and services on the subject of connected security technology, which is becoming more and more essential in homes and buildings and is inextricably linked with building services engineering. Hall 8 forms the transition to the lighting area, as manufacturers of lighting components, light sources and control systems will also be represented here. Lighting in most its facets will be the focus in Halls 3, 4 and 6, where the range includes design-oriented luminaires in all styles, technical luminaires, outdoor and street lighting, emergency and safety lighting in addition to full product ranges.

What else will happen between now and October?

The planning times have become shorter for everybody involved. We receive final orders for participation in the fair later and later, visitors buy tickets at short notice and exchange vouchers only shortly prior to the event. Nevertheless, it is already possible to plan your visit today. Our ticket shop is open and can be available at www.light-building.com/tickets. Exhibitors will also be starting their appointment management now. We ourselves are acting more flexibly as trade fair organisers today. This enables us to react immediately to changing conditions. At the same time, we are always in close connection with our exhibitors and partners. Additionally, the trade associations bundle the exhibitors’ feedback for us to make decisions that are in the interest of the industry. This only works if there are good partnerships and, fortunately, Light + Building has these. In this way, we\’re ready and concentrate on presenting a thrilling, well-planned special edition that provides a beautiful, informative and galvanizing supporting programme to ensure that participation is worth it for everybody.

The Light + Building Autumn Edition event will take place from 2 to six October 2022. Parallel to this, the Intersec Forum opens from 3 to six October 2022.

The Light + Building Digital Extension is accessible from 2 to 14 October 2022.