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Mornsun released the newest chiplet SiP switching regulators K78- R4 series

Different from firms that expand product lines horizontally to capture market opportunities through multiple product categories, Mornsun focus on deepening its technology for example advanced design, manufacturing technique, which to provide the most suitable high- quality products to empower customer sustainable requirements. As Mornsun DC-DC fixed input products have been experienced for four times' important technologies and upgrading, Mornsun switching regulators K78 series also offers now been updated four times.

Mornsun 3rd generation switching regulators power supplies(hereinafter known as “switching regulators K78-R3”) was launched in 2019 with this self-developed IC chip to upgrade the internal circuit and electrical performance, and our new R4 generation(hereinafter known as “switching regulators K78-R4”) released recently has undergone a fundamental alternation in dimension and packaging which manufactured through the chiplet SiP(system in package) process, and the appearance of R4 is different from the simple and roughness to the refinement.

1. Technology innovation in order to save cost for customers

Mornsun integrate solution of K78-R4 is ideal for customers who worry about cost and quality both. As we know, 90% of designers would rather make use of a discrete design because of cost consideration, however, a discrete design not only covers the cost of materials, but additionally covers development cost, failure cost, time cost, management cost, etc. Besides, projects may be delayed and time for you to market deadlines could be missed if engineers aren't familiar with power design. Also, product quality will be at a high risk if there is a lack of complete power supply design, manufacture platform, and full tests in the limited condition. In addition, companies have to face the price pressure to obtain more equipment and material stock. By comparison, an energy supply shows significant advantages on the above concerns.

Technology innovation is a great way to save costs. Mornsun offers a comprehensive portfolio of power supplies to address the dilemma between cost and quality for customers. The price of Mornsun switching regulators K78-R4 series is almost the same as the cost of components in a discrete design, and it is ideal for customers who care both about cost and quality.

2. Micro-size to free your design

Currently, consumers want smaller electronics products, thereby challenging manufacturers to build up and produce components that are getting smaller and smaller. In contrast to Mornsun switching regulators K78-R3, the layout space of Mornsun switching regulators K78-R4 has reduced by 63% and the dimension has additionally been reduced by nearly 86%, which is good for system designers to create inside a limited geometric space without increasing manufacturing costs and make it suitable for applications with high requirements for dimension, such as portable equipment, and hand-held equipment.

3. Ultra-high efficiency, ultimate customer experience

Engineers sometimes consider using LM7805 or LDO with simple peripheral circuit and system cost pressure factors. In fact, its efficiency is extremely low, taking 24V or higher input and 5V output as an example, the efficiency is less than 20% and the heat is serious which stores up risks to system reliability. Additionally, the temperature issue will be improved by adding a heat sink, but two new problems will arise, the first is the large dimension of the heat sink, another is that the cost of a heat sink is not cheap. By contrast, taking Mornsun new switching regulators K78-R4 for example, the efficiency can be up to 83% at 24V or more input and 5V output, so that as high as 90% efficiency at 7V input, whilst Mornsun K78-R4 products includes a micro-size without peripheral circuit needs and no heat problems.

Mornsun switching regulators K78-R4 series are highly integrated which can reduce the quantity of components on the surface of the PCB, solder joints, and improve the system reliability. K78- R4 is assembled by SMD reflow soldering, thereby it simplifies the production process and reduces the production costs. Additionally, switching regulators R4 series features remote control, output voltage adjustment, low standby power consumption, etc. Meanwhile, Mornsun's vast experience in power design for over 22 years, along with its complete platforms of material, R&D, manufacture, that can greatly make sure the power supplies' high reliability, and after-sales service, all help to reduce the customers' cost in trial and error.

Mornsun switching regulators K78-R4 series is an ideal choice for customers who pay close attention to product size, efficiency and cost. Through insights into industry trends and in- depth knowledge of the marketplace, MORNSUN is committed to technology, product upgrades and also the best customers experience. Adhering to the key of customer first, MORNSUN will build up more services with unrivaled quality to meet more industry applications and customers' increasingly high requirements.


1. 86% dimension reduction, 63% layout space-saving, 3.1mm height
2. Micro-size, SMD package, readily available for SMD manufacturing processes
3. Meets AEC-Q100 requirements
4. Operating temperature range: -40℃ to 105℃
5. ESD meets ±6KV(Contact)
6. Static power consumption as low as 2.4mW
7. Continuous short circuit protection