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New idea for Luminale: Restructured festival covering a wider choice of themes

The Luminale lighting and cultural festival is going to be given a new face when a reworked concept is unveiled in Frankfurt and Offenbach in 2018. In addition to its look at lighting, the festival can be also addressing social and urban issues and presenting innovative solutions for city life.

Frankfurt is not just to learn host for the event but probably be actively featured itself. Peter Feldmann, Mayor of Frankfurt am Main and Chairman on the Supervisory Board of Messe Frankfurt, is incredibly in awe of the modern concept: “With the newest concept for Luminale, we shall develop a festival of lighting and urban design such like which has not been seen before. The wedding doesn’t only be provided a unique sustainable and independent new profile, but by embracing new themes, it will highlight our city substantially more for a version of?state-of-the-art?urban development. Am certain that laying the basis stone with the new Luminale in 2018 and you will be taking part to aid it to produce and grow.”

Wolfgang Marzin, President and Top dog of Messe Frankfurt: “Here at Messe Frankfurt, i am eager for joining forces while using the new Luminale to offer a platform for anybody who is interested in concentrating on the way forward for our city and our region. Together, now we have the opportunity to establish Frankfurt as a pioneer in modern urban design and intelligent infrastructures. The folks of Frankfurt can even benefit from Luminale ultimately, as at least one project is always to remain intact from the city once the event, setting up a contribution towards sustainability along with a good quality of life.”

The new Luminale concept

In the near future, Luminale will likely be put into five categories:

The newly created area?SOLUTIONS?invites architects, city planners, politicians, scientists, folks the skill and culture community, environmental experts and engineers to offer intelligent solutions, visionary concepts,?tried-and-trusted?procedures and new, innovative applications that make city life cleaner, greener, safer and even more comfortable.

ART?relates to art projects exploring the themes of lighting and concrete life. The latest panel of judges with understanding architecture, lighting design, video, art, scenography, motion design and tourism will opt for a array of the submitted works according to predetermined criteria. For lifelong is to have unique and technically innovative projects which have been outstanding from an aesthetic and artistic perspective. The?STUDY?category delivers a platform for young talents from schools, colleges, universities and?start-ups.

COMMUNITY?involves projects from Frankfurt citizens, district initiatives and spontaneous neighbourhood campaigns.

The?BETTER CITY?category aims to offer one project that can remain accessible to the public of Frankfurt even though the case is with an end, building a permanent landmark.

In future, countless venues as is possible have to be concentrated in a geographic area, causing them to be simpler to reach. The concept involves assisting city authorities additionally, the owners and shoppers buildings and areas you want as a way to secure, also when using the assistance of project partners, the prominent sights, monuments and landmarks of Frankfurt – but its?lesser-known,?low-key, romantic spots – to be a stage for lighting culture.

From 2018, local project office Studio Rekkab are going to be organising Luminale. As owner Isa Rekkab explains: “Frankfurt will be lit up for everyone to discover: historical buildings, important public,?well-known landmarks and?well-kept?secrets. The urban space isn’t just to experiment with host towards the event but probably be actively featured itself. Luminale shines a spotlight on innovative concepts for sustainable urban design. We invite people in the art and culture community, architects and engineers, scientists, environmental experts, students and schoolchildren to generate Luminale in to a fascinating festival of lighting and ideas and call upon everyone who loves the city along with the region to lend a hand.”

The overall concept for that new Luminale can also include the already established venues in Frankfurt districts as well as a Luminale programme via the payday loan lenders Offenbach.

Widespread support for Luminale

In early summer 2019, Messe Frankfurt issued an invitation to tender for your project office to oversee Luminale having a view to cooking room for new concepts and ideas. As Wolfgang Marzin, President and Boss of Messe Frankfurt, covers: “Four project offices in complete took part in our invitation to tender to organise Luminale. All things considered,?Frankfurt-based?Studio Rekkab won us finished with its creative and holistic approach and will be organising Luminale for us later on. As start inside the break through, we can envisage organising the festival on a broader basis. A fantastic kick off point with this is considered to be the Luminale Advisory Committee, which we founded back 2019.”

The ten folks this committee behave as advisors with the core era of Luminale and contribute their expertise and networks to deliver active support towards festival. All of them are those that feel a robust personal or professional bond with Frankfurt additionally, the?Rhine-Main?region and tend to be involved in the subject of city marketing.

Luminale will continue open to everyone which participate, given that the projects are organised and financed independently. In future, Messe Frankfurt can also be financing the Luminale project office and also the general communication for your project as a whole.

Luminale was initiated by Messe Frankfurt in 2002 in close cooperation when using the exhibiting industries at Light + Building. The aim were to bring the trade fair’s themes of lighting, design and architecture into your heart of Frankfurt and then to construct a bridge between exhibition grounds and also the city. Since then, it is held every two years parallel to

Light + Building. Luminale 2019 showed over 200 lighting installations in Frankfurt and Offenbach, attracting almost 200,000 visitors.