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Next-Generation Security-on-a-Chip for those Things Smart

STMicroelectronics has taken together the latest digital security techniques in just one chip to safeguard Smart Things and Networks including those for utility infrastructure against cyber threats.

Focused on providing state-of-the-art security for connected objects, the STSAFE-J100 provides the object an unalterable identity that can be authenticated; it also handles encrypted communications and offers secure storage. It's easily integrated in IoT (Internet of products) devices like smart meters, data concentrators, and utility gateways. Customizable with market-specific applets, the STSAFE-J100 secure element combines CC EAL5+[1] certified hardware along with a CC EAL5+ certified secure operating-system. Device designers can take advantage of the liberty to produce their own security profiles, or reach market faster using ST's pre-certified profiles such as German BSI and French Enedis smart-utilities specifications.

The STSAFE-J100 extends ST's successful history in robust, user-friendly, hardware-digital security for e-government, transportation, banking, and consumer projects, with more than 1 billion embedded secure elements delivered yearly to protect devices and networks worldwide.

“Today's on-line services and link with remote objects need a high level of protection against ever-evolving cyber threats. It is crucial to offer device makers state-of-the-art security for the absolute minimum integration effort,” said Laurent Degauque, Marketing Director, Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “The flexible STSAFE-J100 solution sets the standard with extra performance and support for that latest encryption algorithms and security standards, including security profiles for the important German and French smart-metering markets.”

To help customers make the most of the flexibility from the STSAFE-J100 and ensure uncompromising threat protection, ST provides secure device-personalization service. Personalizing each device with its unique identity and cryptographic keys is really a fundamental area of the secure-element philosophy to produce trusted hardware resistant against cloning or hacking. ST's services are safe and cost-effective, and relieves customers of responsibility for secure programming, preventing exposure of keys and secrets, and distributing programmed devices.

The STSAFE-J100 occupies minimal real-estate around the main mother board, either in a 5mm x 5mm VFQFPN32, 6.0mm x 4.9mm SO8N, or 4.2mm x 4.0mm UDFN8 package. Please speak to your local ST sales office for pricing options and sample requests.

Here’s the complete datasheet from the STSAFE-J100.