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PLEDs Support Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Tubes with LED Strings or Tubes without Scrapping the Ballast Drivers

PLED Ultra-Low Holding Current Series

Littelfuse, Inc., introduced a number of PLEDs which has an ultra-low holding current (just 21mA) which causes the ballast drivers popular within the creation of fluorescent tubes appropriate modern replacement LED strings or tubes. This eliminates the requirement to scrap otherwise still-working ballasts when replacing fluorescent lighting tubes with LED strings or tubes.

The PLED Ultra Low Holding Current Series also signifies that the ballast will activate the LED string or tube; almost all of the necessary for ballasts that requirement the capability to detect high voltage outputs during ignition.

Typical applications for Ultra-Low Holding Current Series PLEDs include replacing indoor and outdoor fluorescent lighting tubes with LED lighting tubes or strings.

“For our customers, the PLED Ultra-Low Holding Current Series adds the opportunity reduce their LED driver cost avoiding discarding still-functional ballasts,” said Meng Wang, product marketing manager for LED Protectors at Littelfuse. “With this series, they will make more cost-effective LED drivers which have been still best with the ballast’s output.”

Ultra-Low Holding Current Series PLEDs offer these key benefits:

  • The ultra-low holding current allows these PLEDs to use in LED strings with different power ratings without causing flickering.
  • The small footprint, DO-214AA package provides layout flexibility and it is perfect for use in dense board applications.
  • The low threshold voltage (2V max.) means less switching loss.