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Systellar Innovations Brings MNRE approved All In One type Solar Street Lights

All A single Solar Street light Systellar Innovations is definitely the initial brand manufacturing MNRE approved All-in-one type Solar street lights in 7W, 9W, 12W and 15W, 20W, 25W LED models in India.

All In a single Solar street light may be a modern age and compact lighting solution integrating Solar panel systems, LED light, Lithium-ion battery as well as a PIR motion sensor.

This light incorporates proprietary?Systellar LED driver technology which mixes world-class battery charging technology with high-efficiency electronics.

All A single Solar street light relies on a PIR motion sensor to modify the LED light brightness intelligently. On detecting any movement, the LED glows at full brightness.

If no movement is detected for longer than 1 minute, the brightness is reduced to one-third. This intelligent brightness control coupled with maintenance free Lithium-ion battery technology provides longer backup serious amounts of better battery lifespan.