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The Brightest Jeep Wrangler Fogs – Five Best Aftermarket LED Jeep Fog Lights vs. Myotek LED OEM and Halogen.

There are many LED options for fog lights around the 2007 to 2019 Jeep Wrangler because it’s such a popular vehicle. Now today there's even an LED option that comes from the factory on the 2019+ Wrangler, made by a business called Myotek. If you wish to add Myotek LED Jeep Fog Lights for your JK, check out our other article here: Add OEM LED Myotek fog lights for your JK. But which is the best and also the brightest? In this post, we’ll take you through five of the best aftermarket LED fog lights for that Jeep Wrangler and do a comparison to the stock factory halogen fog and also the new from the factory OEM Wrangler fog light.


To start the comparison, let’s take a look at the conventional halogen fog light in the Jeep Wrangler. We’ll look at the OEM reflector halogen housings and the new OEM LED housings:

As you can see the beam patterns couldn’t become more different! The halogen reflector housing is narrow but tall, not so bright and it has a dim yellow color. The brand new OEM LED fog light housing is significantly brighter, is much wider, more focused, brighter and a better color. It’s no wonder why people want to get their hands on this housing for their older JK’s.

Five best aftermarket LED Jeep Fog lights – JW Speaker 6145

The JW Speaker 6145 J series and the new J2 series LED fog lights have long since been considered the very best of the very best. These come in black, chrome and carbon fibre style:

  • Chrome 6145 J
  • Black 6145 J
  • Black 6145 J2
  • Carbon Fiber 6145 J2

Five best aftermarket LED Jeep Fog lights – Morimoto XB LED

The Morimoto XB LED fog lights for the Jeep Wrangler are a great cost effective product that looks great and certainly performs much better than stock. They aren’t as as bright as the JW Speaker fog lights above, but they’re less expensive.



Five best aftermarket LED Jeep Fog lights – Truck-Lite 80271

The Truck-Lite 80275 LED fog light is a good option if you’re already running the Truck-Lite 27270C LED headlight and you need it all to complement – but that’s about in which the benefits end because this fog light isn't nearly as bright as many others! Its beam pattern is narrow and tall such as the OEM halogen reflector fog light, also it requires wire harness adapters and mounting bracket adapters to fit in the JK bumper. This Truck-Lite option must only be utilized if you’re eager to help make your fog lights suit your pre-existing Truck-Lite headlight housings.

Five best aftermarket LED Jeep Fog lights – Vision X XMC-45RD

The Vision X XMC-45RD is another interesting option because it’s not quite designed for the Jeep Wrangler application. Actually, such as the Truck-Lite 80275 above, it had been made to be considered a Harley Davidson passing lamp replacement. To use this beautiful light like a Jeep JK fog light, you'll need mounting bracket adapters and wire harness adapters, sold separately. Should you curently have the vision X Vortex 7″ Round LED headlight housings, these small LED Jeep Fog Lights would look great down below. Obtainable in bright chrome, or black-chrome, they are a great looking fog light with an impressive beam pattern and tons of light output!


Five best aftermarket LED Jeep Fog lights – Vision X Optimus

The Vision X Optimus lights are a specially designed “deep-reflector” off-road light designed for distance. They use MSR (Multi-Surface-Reflector) technology inside a proprietary application that Vision X has dubbed “Iris Reflector Technology”. This unique design enables them to make a lot of light, with many different distance, in a very small housing! Technically this LED fog light for the Jeep JK is definitely an off-road light fitted with the brackets and wiring to be used as a plug and play housing alternative to your Jeep fogs. It’s undoubtedly the brightest option you can get from Vision X and way brighter than these other Jeep Wrangler fog light products.


Watch the recording for an entire rundown comparison of the different fog lights listed above that will help you decide on which to set up in your Jeep Wrangler!