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The Light of LEDs Shining Bright: Market research

Century LED conducted confronted by a very survey across 4 cities (Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore) to be aware of the client behaviour and getting patterns of lights while in the decorative space.

The objective with the survey would be to grasp the buying patterns of decorative lights as well as the consumer preference while buying lights. Century LED also desired to comprehend the preference within the consumers with regards to -LED/CFL or incandescent and spends in the consumer.

A quantitative research was conducted by commissioning a questionnaire to a audience sample of 150+. Feel . were chosen randomly no matter sex, age, and socio-economic status.

This survey report covers a major targeted collection of public opinions on their knowing LED lighting industry and reach.

Key findings of your survey:

This section offers an overview and report about key analytical points with the survey. The survey was attended by way of large majority of youngsters from the grow older of Quarter of a century to 35 years. They accounted for 68.6% of total attendees. The following in line was the age multiple 36 years to 45 years and 46 years to 55 years, who made up 16% and 9.6% respectively. There initially were attendees on this survey beyond 55 years also, who formed merely 5.Eight percent from the total sample size.

Among the full survey attendees, 46.2% were the homeowners. On the list of rest, 14.7% were prospective homeowners, that were quite likely going to function as the prospective decision makers in future. 32.7% with the total 157 persons cant be found homeowners to make sure they were built with a more generalized approach to your lighting industry. 6.4% of the total survey attendees were neither homeowners nor prospective owners; we were holding quite likely going to function as family members within the above-mentioned categories who may be the influencers within the light selection decision.

49.7% with the survey attendees used Led lamps being a mode of lighting for their homes or offices. There was those who largely used CFL bulbs since their mode of lighting because of their homes/offices and they also made up 46.2% in accordance with this survey. 5.1% and 1.9% with the total sample-size used Fluorescent bulbs and Incandescent bulbs respectively, which can be with either over the prices of your bulbs or perhaps their unawareness. While beginning this survey we came to be aware that 7.3% in the total attendees were not aware the kind of bulbs they used by their homes/offices. This shows the requirement of creating awareness about the lighting industry of these audiences.

35.7% of your total survey attendees bought lights themselves. Sometimes these light purchase decisions were taken by fathers, who form a 49.7% on the total attendees. Among the list of rest, reported by 5.1%, decisions were taken by husbands. Based on 7.6% and 1.9% in the total attendees, light purchase decisions were taken by wives and mothers respectively. 2.4% from the total sample size, been dependent on their kids as well as other an affiliate family members. For lighting a cigarette the offices’ Company influenced the choice of your buyers.

When asked about the electricity efficiency of lights, around 82.2% of your total sample size mentioned LED bulbs. In accordance with 15.3% and also.5% people, CFLs, and Fluorescent bulbs were by far the most high efficiency respectively. As a result it was observed these people efficiently knew that Incandescent bulbs were no way in the segment of one’s energy efficiency.

According to this particular survey, around 40.7% within the total attendees purchased lights depending on its energy consumption. The opposite parameter considered was the longevity on the bulb. About 15.9% people bought checking a bulb’s longevity, 10.8% from the total sample size, purchased checking a bulb’s colour with their preference of warm light or cold light. Other two segments of people of your survey attendees, respectively 16% and 10.8% bought lights depending on its brightness and price. Only 4.5% of the total findings if you prefer a specific brand’s tag on their chosen bulb. Besides these, 3% people combined the above-mentioned factors while deciding on a bulb.

As a guideline to the brightness of your bulb, 53.5% of total 157 people relied on the wattage of the bulb while buying them. 23.6% with the total, checked when using the bulb’s light output in Lumens. 16.6% would not use any guide to the brightness on the bulb and were affected by the store owner’s opinion and 6.4% attempt to find any bulb that resembled their existing bulbs.

66.7% out from 157 people were accustomed to the fact LED bulbs use less electricity and act as an electricity saver.12.8% people on the total attendees found LED Bulbs as being a long-lasting lighting option, whereas 8.3% knew that it is cost-effective option. 6.4% people knew that LED bulbs are eco-friendly and 4.5% were cognizant of its huge presence inside decorative lighting sector. Many people were well acknowledged enhance its qualities and 0.6% (though a really small segment) did not know about any one its qualities.

When inquired on vehicles preference in the samples, 61.1% people advisors named Phillips LED and 29.3% named Syska LED for his or her homes and offices.1.9% people one of many total chose Bajaj LED for approach to light components and Offices. Last although not the lowest amount of, a segment of 7.6% chose Century LED.

48.4% of total individuals were wanting to replace their old lighting systems with LED bulbs, whereas for 10.2% on the sample size, any type of lights used couldn’t matter. 41.4% people were the potential segment to switch into your LED lighting solutions.

Overall, as per laptop computer, 49% consumers of 157 people use Leds regarding their homes and offices. Also, fathers accounted for 49% in judgements while purchasing lights. Led lamps were thought to be probably the most energy efficient solution while in the lighting sector by 82% respondents.