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Truck-Lite 27270C 7" Round LED Headlight Review

Did you know that the world’s first 7″ round LED headlight was invented by Truck-Lite? Today they still offer among the best sealed beam replacement products on the planet. The Truck-Lite 27270C is a solid, reliable headlight that fits any standard size 7″ round sealed beam headlight application. They are widely used in Jeep Wrangler, classic cars, semi trucks, and RV applications.

This headlight is super efficient, only drawing 1.4 amps but producing more light than the original headlight housing. For those who have an older vehicle this is a good way to decrease the energy usage of your headligth system.



The Truck-Lite 27270C uses a MSR style design (Multi Surface Reflcetor) that utilizes LEDs within the center section, pointing back into the reflector bowl to create the beam pattern.


Low Beam Pattern

High Beam pattern


Low beam pattern

High Beam pattern


You will find this headlight and lots of other 7″ round LED headlight housings at Headlight Revolution here.