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Will installing LED headlight bulbs void my truck's warranty?

We hear it all the time from people,

“Will installing LED headlight bulbs void the manufacturer’s warranty on my car (or truck)?”

Installing an LED headlight bulb such as this one from GTR Lighting falls underneath the same realm of installing a regular halogen bulb that you simply didn’t purchase from the dealer. They will try everything they are able to consider to scare you, or make you buy parts from them…

This question gets asked constantly and it’s the same for LED headlight bulb replacements in addition to HID conversion kit upgrades. The simple answer is NO. Here’s why:

“The FTC's mention of the aftermarket parts is equally applicable to specialty parts,” said Russ Deane, SEMA's General Counsel. “Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the warranty can't be conditioned to a particular brand of parts, services or vehicle modifications unless those parts or services are provided totally free.”

In a Consumer Alert from the government Trade Commission (FTC), the company confirmed that “The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for businesses to void your warranty or deny coverage underneath the warranty due to the fact you used an aftermarket part.” The alert outlines key provisions in the law that provide protections to car owners. As defined by the FTC, an “aftermarket’ part is a component made by a business other than the vehicle manufacturer or the original equipment manufacturer.”

Basically, if your part does not interfere with the standard mechanical purpose of the automobile, directly cause damage to the vehicle, or circumvent emissions systems on the vehicle, it has Absolutely nothing to DO with your warranty! Replacing your headlight bulb spend another aftermarket headlight bulb part falls into the same category as replacing it with another non-stock halogen bulb… It’s just a replacement part!

Now, let’s say you put in a supercharger, bypass the catalytic converter and EGR, and spray nitrous in to the engine…you might be voiding the warranty

So next time you bring your car or truck to the dealer for repairs under warranty and they attempt to deny you service since you change your headlight bulbs, let them know about Magnuson-Moss!



You can install an LED headlight bulb replacement, or perhaps HID conversion kit without having to worry about if the dealer continues to service your automobile under warranty.