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Working of a Cost-Effective In-Vehicle Infotainment System


This automotive reference design is based on TI's Jacinto DRA71x processor and concentrates on system level cost savings. The six-layer design reduces PCB costs through optimized via breakout scheme and power distribution network in addition to integration of key features. Functionality can be added or removed based on the end result requirements. This design targets applications for example infotainment and reconfigurable digital cluster. The design includes a 12- V input having a single PMIC. The design supports HDMI, USB3.0 or USB2.0, TAS6424 digital Class-D amplifier,

FPD-Link interface, and lots of other features. A Linux, Android, or QNX based software development kit (SDK) is included.


  • TI Jacinto DRA71x Processor With Integrated Features Help Design Cost-Effective, Feature Rich, Basic level (Display Audio) Infotainment and Cluster Systems.
  • DRA71x Superset Processor With 2D and three D graphics, C66x DSP, and Cortex-M4 options
  • Processor SDK for Linux, Android, and QNX Development With Add-on Packages for Radio and Audio
  • Cost Saving Features Include Six-Layer HW Design, Rear View Camera (RVC) Support, Tuner Integration with Software Defined Radio(SDR), Class-D Amplifier and Multi-Sone Audio Support
  • Includes TI’s Solution and Support for Power, Audio, Processing, and Display


  • Entry Level In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Head Unit
  • Digital Cluster
  • Radio and Audio Co-processor
  • Automotive Amplifier